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  ICL Database & Commentary

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Important notice, November 15th, 2013

This commentary has been integrated in the Case Matrix Network. The commentary has also changed name to Commentary on the Law of the International Criminal Court (CLICC). The commentary at the CLICC website has more updated case law, longer and more in-depth comments on the Rome Statute. The website you are visiting now will be removed, please change any bookmarks or links to the current website, please bookmark and link to the CLICC website instead. I will remain as the Editor of the CLICC and now also with the institutional support of the Case Matric Network to the benefit of the commentary.

Mark Klamberg, Chief Editor CLICC

End of notice

Welcome to the International Criminal Law Database & Commentary. At this website you may find case law from the International Criminal Court (ICC) and a commentary to the Rome Statute. The ICL Database & Commentary aims to provide scholars, as well as practitioners, a starting point for legal research in the field of International Criminal Law.

Read more on how to use the ICL Database & Commentary.

The legal tool enables you to find jurisprudence, doctrine and comments in three different ways.

The case law and commentary is sorted under the relevant legal text and provision
    Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
    Rules of Procedure and Evidence
    Regulations of the Court
    Elements of Crime

The case law is sorted according to trial stage and date
    Democratic Republic of Congo
        Katanga and Chui
        Kony et al.
    Central African Republic
    Darfur Sudan
        Harun and Kushayb
        Abu Garda
        Banda and Jerbo
        Ruto, Kiprono and Sang
        Muthaura, Kenyatta and Ali
    Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
        Gaddafi et al.
    Côte d'Ivoire

The legal texts, the commentary and the case law are searchable

You will also find that the references between the legal texts are linked.

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